Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new challenge on the bloông xã — the #UNameItChallenge.

Bạn đang đọc: 'you name it''s shirley caesar cried after the song went viral

This one falls somewhere between the Mannequin Challenge & the Trump Is Coming Challenge — you don’t have to lớn stvà still, but you don’t run away either. For the U Name It Challenge, you dance (on beat).

It all started with a legendary gospel singer by the name of Shirley Caesar. Someone — Reset God Suede — took it upon himself to lớn retool Caesar’s tuy nhiên “Hold My Mule,” specifically the part where she sings that she’s got “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb” and a variety of other foods.

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The rephối gained popularity when memes with the gospel singer’s remixed song began circulating on social truyền thông. It’s even been dubbed the official Thanksgiving tuy nhiên.

daquan lại who started this Shirley Caesar meme! I got another one of these on the way. ——————– The Shirley Caesar đoạn Clip is an excerpt from a live sầu performance of “Hold My Mule” which is LITERALLY an iconic standard in gospel music! Honestly, truly! ——————- #icomplexity #mashup #hoodclips #edits #followme #tagafrikết thúc #like4lượt thích #l4l #t4l #tags4likes #remixgodsuede #geekedupchallenge #hitdemfolks #tóm tắt #thanksgiving #thanksgivingbreak #family #turkey #blessed #love #shirleycaesar #holdmymule #shirleycaesarchallenge #unameitchallenge

The challenge part of the meme started when Chris Brown uploaded a Clip khổng lồ social truyền thông of himself nhảy khổng lồ the new version of the tuy nhiên last week.

Since then, the meme & the challenge have sầu taken off with multiple participants showing off their best dance moves to Caesar’s “Hold My Mule.”

Even the Gospel singer caught wind of the U Name It Challenge. During an appearance on “The Willie Moore Jr. Show” last week, Caesar said one of her church members showed it khổng lồ her và said she was “shocked khổng lồ see them nhảy đầm và boogying.” She added: “The Lord is so good khổng lồ me.”

The pastor has even created an online store selling U Name It Challenge merchandise.

See some of the challenges below.

Don"t stand still. Vote today: https://t.co/jfd3CXLD1s #ElectionDay #MannequinChallenge pic.twitter.com/4KAv2zu0rd— Hillary Clinton (
10. Hillary Clinton We"ll give Hillary Clinton and her team và A+ for effort. They almost had it. The scene was mix, the poses were intricate, the challenge was seconds away from being complete, but then Clinton blinked. While it may seem petty khổng lồ doông xã off points for a mere blinks, the entire purpose of the challenge is khổng lồ hold still lượt thích a mannequin -- & mannequins don"t blinks.
9. Destiny"s ChildWe couldn"t include a list of Mannequin Challenges without finding a way khổng lồ put Beyoncé on it. Although this one was a little mediocre (sorry beyhive), it was still xinh đẹp -- and they"re clearly experts at holding completely still.

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8. Steph and Ayesha CurryIf the Curry"s weren"t relationship goals before, they sure are now. This one had a lot of participants, but few things that were very out of the norm. It just looked lượt thích a restaurant scene frozen in time. Extra points for getting all the diners to lớn join in on the challenge though.
7. Blac Chyna & Rob KardashianBlac Chymãng cầu didn"t let having a baby keep her from participating in the Mannequin Challenge. Chymãng cầu was in the hospital bed appearing lớn be screaming from giving birth while Rob Kardashian was anxiously at the foot of the bed awaiting his daughter khổng lồ arrive sầu.
6. BYU Cougars Gymnastics TeamThe sheer strength it took to lớn pull this off is unimaginable -- it hurt just watching it. This one wins our Olympic Gold.
5. Clevel& CavaliersThe Cavs enjoyed their visit to the White House so much that they wanted khổng lồ freeze their time there forever -- & we"re glad they did. Although this challenge seemed simple enough, we love it because of LeBron and Michelle"s selfie moment. So precious.
4. Simone Shepherd & King KeraunComedians and YouTube personalities Simone Shepherd and King Keraun took a creative sầu twist on the Mannequin Challenge. They reenacted R. Kelly"s popular 12 chapter drama, "Trapped in the Closet," & captured multiple scenes inlớn one video.
3. Black in Blue FilmMost mannequin challenges have all been in good fun, but this one took it a step further và turned a viral challenge into lớn a powerful message. This challenge reenacted the fatal deaths of Sandra Bl&, Trayvon Martin, Philanvày Castile and Alton Sterling, all while playing police scanner audio from the real events in the background.
LOOK AT THESE 4YR OLDS TRYING TO DO THE #MannequinChallenge ???????????????????? pic.twitter.com/URQimmkmtM— 7 GOD (
2. These 4-year-olds absolutely failed the Mannequin Challenge, but they still nailed it. You can literally see how hard it is for them to not move và they’re trying their best to hold still for the sake of the challenge. Cuteness overload.
1. aaaarrghh.comEveryone, just quit the challenge -- aaaarrghh.com wins. Hands down, the best mannequin challenge was done by aaaarrghh.com. Their creativity is unmatched, the precision unparalleled, we can"t think of anyone who"s done it better. Totally unbiased opinion, of course.




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