Ya Dingus

1 informal : an often small article whose comtháng name is unknown or forgotten : gadget, doodad sense 2 In his writings of the period from 1924 khổng lồ 1952, "dingus" signifies, variously, a magician"s prop, a typewriter, a short story, a novel, và an elusive artifact, a blaông chồng bird better known as the Maltese Falbé.— Mark McGurl … the boy was decked out in a fancy unisize with silver buttons và a cap with a dingus on the top.— Sholem Aleichem

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2 US slang : a dim-witted, silly, or foolish person —often used in a joking or friendly way By most accounts, Strickl& is actually a sweet feller. Respected by his teammates, nice to lớn the fans, et cetera. But he sure is a dingus on the mound sometimes.— Grant BrisbeeThink baông xã lớn when you were 17 & how much of a dingus you could be … — Pacific Takes

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thingamajig whatsit Visit the Thesaurus for More

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Dutch or German; Dutch dinges, probably from German Dings, from genitive of Ding thing, from Old High German — more at thing

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The first known use of dingus was in 1873

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