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Uncorrectable sector count là gì

00:37, 17/03/2021
S.M.A.R.T. ID 198 (0xC6) Uncorrectable Pending Sector Count is a critical S.M.A.R.T. parameter that indicates a number of uncorrectable errors while reading/writing a sector on the hard drive. The error can cause drive sầu corruption & permanent disk failure leading lớn data loss.

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Briefly, the Offline Uncorrectable Pending Sector Count warning indicates imminent disk failure & requires urgent backup and drive replacement.

Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) is a disk-monitoring feature that comes embedded within all modern hard drives, SSDs, và eMMC storages. The monitoring system keeps the user updated about current disk health, temperature, & performance condition so that they can take active sầu measures towards data protection and against data loss due to lớn a failing or ageing drive sầu.



Figure 1: SMART Parameters và their AttributesHow khổng lồ Fix Uncorrectable Sector Count Warning

These warnings appear when a user tries lớn access the SMART information of a disk by using tools such as Drive sầu Monitor (Available as an add-on utility with Stellar Data Recovery Premium software), CrystalDiskInfo, HDSentinel, etc. Therefore, active monitoring of disk SMART parameter is highly recommended to lớn prsự kiện data loss due khổng lồ impending drive. You may use tools such as Drive Monitor for the purpose.

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Following are some critical steps that you can follow in sequence to fix the Uncorrectable Sector Count Warning with minimum data loss:

WARNING: Immediately stop using or minimize the use of your affected hard drive. Never persize hit-and-trial methods on a failing drive, as it may further damage the storage drive sầu, lead lớn early failure, & data loss. Carefully follow the detailed steps in this post to backup files (recover inaccessible data) & fix the current pending sector count warning with minimum data loss.

Step 1: Backup và Recover

If you can access the drive, bachồng up your files immediately. You may simply copy & paste important files to lớn an external drive sầu or on the cloud storage.

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In case the drive sầu has turned RAW (corrupt) or inaccessible, which is quite normal in case of a failing drive sầu, use Stellar Data recovery Premium software khổng lồ clone the drive sầu and recover data.

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