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Ttl expired in transit là gì

13:48, 20/03/2021
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Imagine from my internal network I ping a client IP on a DSL line, on the Internet. Then my ping reply is:ping from expired in transit.What would be the best way to lớn troubleshoot this? Is safe lớn assume that the target is not receiving my ping, correct?

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It basically tells you the packet didn"t get khổng lồ the destination after maximum the hop count has reached. Do a traceroute and see whether the packets are looping around somewhere or it indeed cross the maximum # of hops?HTHSundar
Hi, your ping packets have reached the hop limit & expired. You can increase the TTL by using the ping -i comm& that might solve your problem since you didn"t receive host destination host unreachable mas sa or ping timed out which usually means there is nothing connected on the other kết thúc.DW

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Yes, there is a loop somewhere in this path. I did ping -i 255 and tracert expired because at certain it reached a routing loop, right? I will just notify folks responsible for that target network about the problem. Thanks guys!! edited output of tracert 13 222 ms 225 ms 222 ms 14 221 ms 224 ms 223 ms 15 228 ms 269 ms 229 ms 16 228 ms 229 ms 237 ms 17 234 ms 243 ms 249 ms 18 237 ms 250 ms 237 ms 19 240 ms 240 ms 239 ms đôi mươi 310 ms 241 ms 242 ms 21 244 ms 245 ms 244 ms 22 244 ms 257 ms 244 ms 23 298 ms 250 ms 255 ms 24 251 ms 253 ms 251 ms 25 258 ms 257 ms 275 ms 26 376 ms 272 ms 318 ms 27 261 ms 265 ms 262 ms 28 269 ms 270 ms 262 ms 29 268 ms 269 ms 273 ms 30 441 ms 386 ms 480 ms complete.

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