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Opal’s having a birthday các buổi party themed after the Four Guardians, but two troublemakers Yippi & Skippi want to crash it with their own fun.

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Yippi và Skippi:


Yippi HP: 44,300,000

Skippi HP: 42,600,000

Has the exact same attacks as Ken và Gen from Sogun’s Lament.

All players permanently gain the “Pumped” buff, increasing Attaông chồng Power by 250 and Additional Damage by 6,000. However, Yippi and Skippi also have sầu the “Resilience” buff, reducing all damage received by 50%.

Tagging (90%/55%/20%):

As soon as they reach these HP thresholds, they will gain the “Tagging” buff, giving them a shield thats makes them immune to damage. They will only gain the shield when not attacking, so save bursts for their long animations.

At 90%, Yippi will jump to lớn the center of the room while Skippi leaps onto the stadium and loses his Resilience. Yippi performs a non-damaging AoE shout that removes all stacks of “On A Roll”. A ring of Candycloud Mascots with 80,000 HP. each and Frost Force Master attacks will spawn around Yippi, kill them & take the orb they drop.

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The orbs have sầu the following skills:

LMB: Fires a laser that deals 13,180 x 5 fixed damage. This damage does not scale with the user’s stats, but bypasses the boss’s damage reduction and immunity shields.1: Freezes the user for 5 seconds, becoming immune lớn all status effects but is unable lớn move sầu. Has a 5 second cooldown.2: Removes the freeze state caused by 1. Has a 5 second cooldown.

A series of red lines will sweep across the rooms from all directions but can be jumped over, getting hit by them applies the “Entranced Dance” debuff that makes you drop your orb và forces you to dance for 5 seconds.

Yippi and Skippi will throw unblockable AoE gingerbread man at their aggro holders which does damage và applies “Movement Speed Decrease” that decreases movement tốc độ by 10% and stacks up khổng lồ three times for 5 seconds. They will vì chưng this four times, then vì an non-damaging AoE shout that grants all players the “On A Roll” buff permanently increasing Attaông chồng Power by 250 & Additional Damage by 6,000 per stachồng but also Movement Speed Decrease. They will cycle this three times, before jumping baông chồng khổng lồ their original spots và thua trận their Tagging shield and resume normal patterns.

At 55%, Skippi will jump khổng lồ the center of the room while Yippi leaps onkhổng lồ the stadium & loses his Resilience. Instead of red lines, blue staves in the shape of a boxed-in X that rotates & grows/shrinks applies Entranced Dance, và players must move in tandem with the staves khổng lồ avoid them.

At 20%, both Yippi & Skippi will no longer shout & grant On A Roll stacks, instead they will jump around the room as the blue staves & red lines alternate.

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