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The two types of clothing I purchased the most in 2020 was loungewear & sportswear. That is why this highly requested Reviews is so apropos! Today, we are talking about whether the Instagram-worthy Shop Tan Lines by Sivan Ayla is worth the splurge. Here are the different areas where we will Reviews today:

Mission StatementLabor & ProductionMaterials và SustainabilitySizing và InclusivityPrice Range & ValueOverall Recommendation

Mission Statement: 2 out of 5

I love a good mission statement to reaffirm to lớn me as a consumer that the company creates products with me as the customer in mind. It tells me where their values stand when it comes to things such as sustainability and ethical labor.

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The swlặng và sport collection of Shop Tan Lines is described as mimicking influencer Sivan Ayla’s effortless & casual lifestyle in Los Angeles. Sivan Ayla is known by her followers for her “realistic approach khổng lồ everyday luxury”.

I applaud Sivan for creating an on-br& collection and for the mission of helping every woman take part in that “luxury” lifestyle without needing khổng lồ be a millionaire. However, I find the laông chồng of additional information on the website regarding the company’s mission outside of its association with Sivan Ayla slightly concerning.

Labor và Production: 1 out of 5

The biggest areas of concern for me as a customer is seeing that Shop Tan Lines is a small business & yet seeing no information regarding their labor and production. On the sản phẩm information for their swimwear, Shop Tan Lines makes a mention that they are ethically and sustainably made.

From personal experience, I remember Sivan Ayla posting information on Instagram stories about how Shop Tan Lines swimwear is made by female workers in Bali, but this information is nowhere to lớn be found on their trang web and cannot be verified.

To give Shop Tan Lines the benefit of the doubt that their swimwear is indeed ethically & sustainably made would be a slap in the face for the many sustainable swimwear lines that make a conscious effort to lớn provide transparency in their supply chain.

Materials and Sustainability: 2 out of 5

Another key area of concern for me regarding Shop Tan Lines is the laông xã of information regarding sustainability and how materials are sourced. I credit Shop Tan Lines an additional star compared khổng lồ their Labor & Production because their loungewear does not consist of any blended fabrics (when two or more types of materials such as polyester, cotton, nylon, etc. are combined together inkhổng lồ one fabric). Their loungewear is 100% cotton or jersey. Blended fabrics are difficult lớn recycle và typically just turned into lớn low-value products such as fillers”. Having 100% cốt tông loungewear makes it that much easier to lớn recycle!

However, traditional cotton production is extremely unsustainable, and the lack of information regarding how their cốt tông và other materials such as polyester are sourced is extremely concerning. This concern is exacerbated even more when the company has not made any statements or move sầu towards looking lớn source more sustainable materials.

Sizing và Inclusivity: 4 out of 5

The sizing range goes from XS to lớn XXL (or size 0 to lớn size 14). The great part of Shop Tan lines is that I find their clothes usually bởi not shrink in the wash for me, but I avoid giving a five-star ranking given that to lớn be kích cỡ inclusive, a range at least continues into kích thước 18.

With that being said, this was an area that I have noticed Shop Tan Lines improve sầu with their customer feedbaông chồng. XXL was included in their more recent launches, và the shift towards inclusive sizing tells me that the br& is actively making improvements.

Price Range and Value: 3 out of 5

When it comes to style vs function, some brands choose all function và no style (the intensity of Under Armour comes to mind). Other brands choose style and no function (an unpopular opinion but Fabletics is a great example). Shop Tan lines attempts to set both style & function, but their focus is undoubtedly style first, then function. When it comes lớn their sportswear, I often have sầu to opt for lower impact workouts because though the bras hold everything in and the leggings are functional, I have more không lấy phí movement in other athletic lines.

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The problem I have sầu with giving more than 3 out of 5 stars, however, is that an average phối of bra and leggings will phối you back $150, and I have sầu quality concerns that should not happen when I am spending $150.

The key chất lượng issue I have sầu come across is regarding the “custom elastic”.

This custom elastic can be identified as a stripe of contrasting color across the elastic & is typically found on the Runyon leggings, Venice bra, và Calabasas bra. Every single item I have sầu purchased with this custom elastic has had issues with the elastic coming slightly apart. When we are paying $150+ for an entire workout outfit, having the elastic coming apart at the seams is not acceptable. This is also another example of how important it is khổng lồ have sầu transparency in labor and production.

Another problem I face as a large chested woman is that though their bras hold everything in, they are not suitable for “jumping around”. There are no issues with light jump roping, but if you are doing serious training that requires a lot of movement, I vì chưng not feel as much safety và security as I would in my Nike bras.

In general, I find their swimwear và loungewear to lớn be much more consistent without hidden issues. However, the price point is so high for all of their items, và the inconsistency in quality in their Sportswear is concerning.

Best Picks: Swimwear, Loungewear

Worst Picks: Any items with the “custom” elastic on the Runyon leggings & blaông xã Calabasas bra và Venice bra.

Overall Recommendation và Final Thoughts:

This line has very đáng yêu designs (everything is very Instagram worthy), stays on-brvà with every hàng hóa they put out (workout clothes that double as athleisure), but has key issues with lachồng of transparency into lớn their labor & production, no focus on sustainable materials, & high price tag (when not all their clothes have sầu great quality).


I love sầu the swimwear of this brvà, & I think it is their redeeming unique. They have many styles that would suit women with larger chests and wider hips, and their thoughtful “Mini” collection with a thoughtful thiết kế such as a clasp at the bottom for diapers is incredibly innovative. With that said, there is still little transparency inkhổng lồ labor, production, and materials that is extremely concerning for such a high price tag and a small business. I would recommover purchasing the swimwear if there is a particular style you cannot find at other sustainable swimwear lines & if you have sầu the extra money for a splurge.

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My serious concerns regarding the quality of their “custom elastic” aside, if you are someone who loves high-intensity workouts and are looking for function over style, Shop Tan Line’s sportswear will not be for you. I love the look of their blush line (the pink Temescal leggings are my favorite), và the style and color of the Melrose leggings & Sunphối bra in Black và Tan) are super chất lượng. However, their bras vị not tư vấn provide as much support, và không tính phí movement in their leggings is a lot more constricted than from Nike as an example. For lower impact workouts and athleisure, this sportswear hits the nail in the head. For anything more intense and serious, I would look elsewhere!


Similar to lớn the swimwear, this is another redeeming chất lượng of this line. Their loungewear items (Hollywood Tee, Valley Sweatshirt, Rosebowl Joggers) are not blended fabrics but rather 100% cốt tông, jersey, etc. This makes the items a lot easier lớn recycle, and they have held up a lot better than the sportswear. However, for a small business that should have sầu more transparency in all aspects of their supply chain, I find the lack of information regarding labor, production, & materials to be concerning. I would recommend their loungewear if you have the money for a splurge and are a người of a particular style (such as the cropped Valley Sweatshirt).

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