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The decision was taken khổng lồ increase the width of the transept, which appeared disproportionately small on the plan, lớn a spectacular degree.
Nothing very spectacular, an extraordinary contrast to his previous existence, though, it has to lớn be said, the pay was good.
Religious worship has remained central lớn the day, despite the recent spectacular drop in routine church attendance.
Conversely, there was a spectacular increase in the number of members of the household who were just one degree of kinship from the head.
The purpose of the league is khổng lồ organize a highly spectacular championship with low costs for the teams.
However, results obtained have sầu not been spectacular because of high environmental variation and genotype by environment interaction in nutrient-stressed environments.
The most spectacular is the creation of the whole new topic of retìm kiếm, the new discipline of computational linguistics.
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lớn clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you vày not often clean

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