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Let us cater for that next big sự kiện of yours!We can cater for any occasion, big or small. From company events, birthdays,graduationparties, weddings, Bar/BatMitzvahs, Super Bowls, festivals, you name it! We cantransformanyoccasion into lớn a memorableone.We'll be there every step of the way tomake sure you & your guests will have sầu aSMOOSH-tastic experience!

Option 1 - Full-service On-Site Bar Catering:*100 guest/sandwich minimum requirement*

This option is igiảm giá for events held indoors and/or smaller venues (weddings, birthdays, company events, engagement parties, graduations, etc). We willprovide everything for this thiết đặt such as tables, spoons, napkins, packaging and products. All you have sầu khổng lồ vị is choose up lớn 4 flavors of cookies và 4flavors of ice cream from our thực đơn (most of our toppings included) & we will take care of the rest. Just sit baông chồng, relax and enjoy your các buổi party while we entertain your guests with our magical SMOOSH-ing skills!

Important:This thiết lập is recommended indoors khổng lồ maintain the chất lượng of the ice cream.

Option 2- Pre-made ice cream sandwiches:

Having a quichồng meeting orlast minute party? With this option we will pre-make your ice cream sandwiches. Simply place an order from us andwe'll have them ready for you justin timefor your event!All you have sầu khổng lồ bởi is pick a combination of ice cream sandwiches you'd like for us to make and we will store them in our freezer overnight.You also have the option topiông chồng your order up from one of our SMOOSH locations OR we can deliver them lớn you.Please give us at least a 48-hour notice for orders over 50. We canalso deliver cookies by the dozen!

Important: As this is a pre-made order, the cookies are required khổng lồ be stored in a freezer & will not be warm.

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