Royal Zen Bean



Sunflower is an straight-line AoE skill with strong damage. The skill also deal additional damage on target with Ivy Poison debuff, caused by Doom"n"Gloom , Weedwhaông xã , or Thorn Strike

When trained up to lớn Tier 3, upon critical hit, the skill will switch from lớn Super Sunflower which can build up a stackable buff called Photosynthesis. Once the buffhits tier 5, it will become Overflow buff, allowing Summoner to freely spam Sunflower without any focus cost for for 3sec.

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In order to maximize its potent, the build requires the target khổng lồ st& still in the area of Briar Patch or Flying Nettle, being life-drained by Doom"n"Gloom, being Grappled, or when Summoner uses the skill from Stealth.

How khổng lồ obtain

Complete Chapter 5: Disciple of the Hongmoon School

Put two points or more khổng lồ the righkiểm tra branch of Rumblebees changes the skill inlớn Sunflower

Hongmoon Version

It is obtainable via the use of Royal Zen Bean, traded with 5,000 Zen Bean from Dragon Trade Courier.

The Hongmoon version allows Overflow duration increased from 3sec khổng lồ 5sec


Sunflower suffers when it comes to hitting airborne targets, as the skill will miss. If the mob gets launched ip, you should wait for it to lớn lvà down first.

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Sunflower can be used to break stealth as it can be used without target, provided you can determine the opponent"s location.

Rotating Sunflower in-between Doom"n"Gloom, Briar Patch or Flying Nettle , & Power Pounce lớn maximize the proc rate of Super Sunflower

If there are more than one Summoner in a group, they can help each other lớn build up Photosynthesis with multiple Doom"n"Gloom, Briar Patch or Flying Nettle , and nguồn Pounce

Due to lớn a brief pause between Sunflower attacks, it is possible to lớn weave sầu

will help maintain focus with Sunflower và Rosethorn and giảm giá extra damage.

Constantly pressing both of the

and the
button will increase the skill đầu vào rate during Overflow.

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