Riddikulus is the only spell that can be used against Boggarts. It develops the focus of wizard & that gives great importance to this spell.

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Riddikulus is the main spell used for protection against Boggarts. It changes the shape of Boggart into funny shape & neutralizes the target. After Boggart turns into lớn funny shape it becomes benignant.

Boggarts can only have neutralized with happy & positive sầu thoughts. Riddikulus is the only protection spell against Boggarts. Even this spell can’t destroy Boggarts, it can distract the target.

This spell’s creator and origins are unknown. Riddikulus spell thought in Hogwarts in third year. Harry Potter learned the Riddikulus spell from Remus Lupin.

Riddikulus spell known as very simple. It just requires concentration so because of this, nearly every single student cast spell this very easily.

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Special Notes About the Spell

Even it seen Riddikulus spell turned Boggarts into funny shape, in Harry Potter và Goblet of Fire it mentioned as Riddikulus not turns inlớn funny shape instead of this, it turns the Boggart into lớn a smoke. Also as it mentioned in many pages on Pottermore. Riddikulus is not directly changing Boggarts into funny shapes, instead of that it turns it inlớn different shapes.

Known Users of the Spell

Every Third Year Student of HogwartsHarry PotterMolly Weasley

Where it Mentioned?

Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban (First Time – Movie, Book và Video Game) Hogwarts third year students used this spell for the first time in Professor Remus Lupin’s Lessons.Harry Potter và Goblet of Fire (Book)Harry Potter và Order of Phoenix (Book)Pottermore
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