There"s something really nice about being a power bottom. Getting to receive sầu while leading the rhythm—who can complain about that? Of course, power bottoms don"t have sầu it easy. There"s a lot of problems they giảm giá with. And here"s ten every power bottom can relate to lớn...

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It"s usually obvious who brings the lube, condoms, & toys if you"re on the top or bottom. But when you"re a power bottom, that line can get murky. It"s not uncommon to be a little confused about who should be responsible for certain things, so make sure to communicate clearly with your playmate.

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If you"re a top converting lớn the power bottom ways, this one might be a little daunting. Yes, you gotta rethành viên khổng lồ keep yourself clean. No need lớn go overboard, just make sure you wash up nicely & bởi vì any prep you need khổng lồ do.

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Maybe it"s just not your thing. Or maybe you"re having a rough day down there and you don"t want lớn receive. A good partner or playmate will respect your boundaries và honor that. But even dealing with the assumption really sucks ass.

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No wait, just a little more to the left. Wait, no, your other left. Too far. Not far enough. OK, stop there. Good. Finally. Phew.

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Laying down as a power bottom means you can relax a little bit more than you would propping yourself up as a top. But there"s still a ton of work involved, especially if you"re taking a hands-on approach with your partner.

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For the stupidest reasons, stigma happens all the time (lượt thích when it happened to Emma Stone"s Olive character in Easy A), và power bottoms get stigmatized for being on the bottom. It"s not fair for a lot of reasons, because no one should be shamed for what role they play and what they enjoy during sex, but it"s especially unfair for power bottoms, because there"s so much work involved lớn take control on the bottom. 

No, power bottoms play a very specific type of role: They receive sầu on the bottom while leading or controlling the flow of play. There are so many different dynamics involved. Even if, you know, sometimes it"s fun lớn switch up roles.

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