Hours after her bosses publicly bade farewell lớn Melissa McGurren, the former co-host of Eric Ferguson’s top-rated morning show disputed their version of her departure from WTMX 101.9-FM. In a brief but emotional video clip posted on social media platforms, McGurren said the statement released by Hubbard Radio Chicago was “not accurate” adding: “The truth will come out.” (Here is the liên kết.) As reported here Wednesday, Jeff Engl&, vice president và market manager at Hubbard Radio Chicago, said the company offered McGurren a contract extension but she declined. McGurren và her agent, attorney Steve Mandell, would not say what was inaccurate about the company’s version & declined further phản hồi.

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Here is the text of McGurren’s post:

Hi. It’s Melissa. I was not expecting to lớn bởi vì this đoạn Clip today. Work sent out a statement today, and it’s been not the most easy thing to deal with seeing that. I will say I’ve been trying lớn figure out the best way khổng lồ handle it, but that statement was not accurate. And I just think that the most important thing is the truth. And hopefully — not hopefully — it will, the truth will come out. And I’ve sầu always wanted to work at The Mix, and this is not how I saw things coming. So here I sit. I can’t even believe this, I am where I am right now. This is bizarre.

Most importantly thank you for all your support. Thank you for the kind words. You guys give me hope in humanity, and I want you all to know that all the feelings I have for you are mutual. I have become friends with so many of you và the listeners. And it has been a really great experience. So I just wanted to say thank you and make sure that I make that point. Thank you.


Kathy Hart and Melissa McGurren

McGurren’s response drew an outpouring of tư vấn from fans, including a Facebook message from Kathy Hart, who shared a similar fate when she was cut after 21 years as morning co-host on The Mix in 2017. “Thinking of you, Melissa,” wrote Hart, who now lives in Bozeman, Montamãng cầu. “‘Cheers’ to lớn being a pro, and giving your beautiful heart and soul for 22 years. Celebrate what you gave sầu lớn Chicago & know how much you are treasured. I saw this quote and thought of you: ‘Tomorrow’s a brvà new day, that’s never been touched.’ Well, the world is a better place with your touch, my friend. Can’t wait lớn see what the future holds for you.”


Dave sầu Savini

CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2 preempted its 6 p.m. newscast & “Entertainment Tonight” Thursday khổng lồ air a one-hour special reprising the work of investigative sầu reporter Dave Savini in exposing wrongful rsida by the Chicago Police Department. “My Name Is Anjanette Young” recounted the 2019 degradation of a Chicago social worker who was handcuffed while naked during a wrong raid. (Here is the link.) Lawyers for the city had attempted lớn stop CBS 2 from airing the đoạn phim. Earlier this year CBS 2 won a Peatoàn thân Award for “Unwarranted,” Savini’s ongoing investigation of police raiding the wrong homes. “In compiling these investigative sầu reports, we tell the troubling story of how wrong rsida traumatize và impact our community,” said Jeff Harris, vice president & news director of CBS 2. “These disturbing firsth& accounts, told by Anjanette Young và other victims, underscore their courage và the critical need for the city to lớn finally address the disturbing pattern we’ve been uncovering for two years.”


Diamãng cầu Gutiérrez

Diamãng cầu Gutiérrez, who joined Weigel Broadcasting WCIU-Channel 26 in 2018 as a reporter for “The Jam” news và talk show, has been hired as weekday morning news anchor at WISN, the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee. The Chicago native sầu & DePaul University graduate began as a programming intern at ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7 và previously worked at WBND, the ABC affiliate in South Bkết thúc, Indiana. She continues as vice president of the Chicago chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Gutiérrez is not expected lớn be replaced on “The Jam,” the low-rated former morning show which now airs weeknights at 6 p.m.


Will Clinger

“America’s Most Unusual Festivals,” the lademo special from the Chicago producers of the “Wild Travels” series, will debut at 9 p.m. tonight (& repeat at 11 p.m. Saturday) on Window khổng lồ the World Communications WTTW-Channel 11. Hosted by Will Clinger, the show visits such quality public celebrations as Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederlvà, Colorado; Sputnikfest in Manitowoc, Wisconsin; The Stvà Still Parade in Whalan, Minnesota; Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana; và a dozen more. Harvey Moshman is executive producer and director of the one-hour special, which is being distributed nationally by American Public Television.

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Stay trang chủ for the Holidays

Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications has a special online treat lớn mark the year’s over. Starting at noon today, the museum will present “Stay trang chủ for the Holidays,” a series of classic holiday stories posted on its Facebook page through January 1. Aước ao the storytellers will be Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, former State Department envoy Hannah Rosenthal, ABC 7’s Roz Varon, author Michele Weldon, museum board chair David Plier, và Chicago Sinfonietta artistic director Mei-Ann Chen. (Here is the link.) “We hope this becomes an annual holiday treat, celebrating the rich wonderful traditions we love sầu each year,” said Susy Schultz, executive sầu director of the museum.


Steve sầu Cochran

This year would have sầu been the 20th annual New Year’s Eve comedy stage show hosted by Chicago radio star and veteran standup comic Steve sầu Cochran. Instead he’s going virtual with “Men of a Certain Rage,” featuring Cochran along with comedians John DaCosse, Tyên Benker & Mike Toomey. The one-hour show will stream on dem& through the end of the year at cochranshow.com/nye for $10. (Here is the liên kết.) Since he left his WGN 720-AM morning show one year ago, Cochran has been hosting “Live From My Office,” an interview podcast each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Apple, Spotify và cochranshow.com. Said Cochran: “After deciding the world desperately needed another podcast, this seemed like the obvious next step . . . goofing around with my friends & charging $10 to watch.”

Thursday’s phản hồi of the day: Kevin Singer: Hearing Steve Alexander for the past 12 years doing the agribusiness reporting, it just seemed like a natural succession when Orion decided khổng lồ điện thoại tư vấn it a career. His presentation and knowledge of how he reported these stories over the years were consistent with what Orion has done. It’s nice lớn see Nexstar recognize the talents from within rather than trying to reinvent the wheel by bringing someone external in without consistency. Let’s just hope that they continue lớn recognize types of talents và in doing so, bring GN baông xã towards a radio station that it once was in Chicago (which includes not airing Green Bay Packer games on a Sunday afternoon).

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