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It's time to stop

12:26, 24/03/2021


"It"s Time lớn Stop" is a memorable quote uttered by YouTube personality Filthy Frank in an exploitable green screen đoạn Clip that was uploaded in late December 2015. The đoạn phim, which shows Filthy Frank walking inkhổng lồ a green screen phối with an oversized clochồng và yelling out the phrase, has inspired a series of remix videos from his fans.

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The green screen videos come from a đoạn phim uploaded on December 24, năm ngoái by one of the alternate channels of Filthy Frank, saying that many people had asked hyên for greenscreens, leading to him uploading various greenscene shots lớn the channel và to lớn his website for không tính tiền use. The most popular greenscreen is the "It"s Time to Stop" shot, which has Frank shaking a large cloông chồng repeatedly saying "It"s time to lớn stop", which received over 900,000 views in the following two months.

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The first videos regarding the meme were both uploaded on December 25, 2015 by YouTubers Popsicle Juice and Creepypasta Archives (shown below, respectively), both compilations of all the greenscreens available for download from Frank"s trang web. Within the days following, multiple edits of the scenes were uploaded khổng lồ YouTube<1> as well as multiple edits of the "It"s time khổng lồ stop" shot<2>, with the most popular Clip featuring the shot uploaded by YouTuber Pyrocynical on January 1 2016, garnering a little over 400,000 as of February năm nhâm thìn. The phrase "it"s time to stop" also has multiple results on Tumblr relating to the greenscreen shot<3>.

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An image macro of the scene featuring Filthy Frank holding the clochồng with the overlaying text reading "It"s time to stop" also gained usage as a reaction image, in a similar way as the Stop Posting meme. The image was also combined with various fictional characters whose abilities revolve sầu around time, including various characters from Jojo"s Bizarre Adventure.


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