Infestation Là Gì

a large number of animals và insects that carry disease, that are present where they are not wanted:

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Larval infestation rates on susceptible wheat tended to lớn show the same patterns as oviposition rates (fig. 2).
However, cattle producers used to controlling tiông chồng infestations with chemical acaricides typically treat reactively.
The role of the integrated host stress response in ectoparasite infestation is critical for understanding reduced parasite settlement & elimination of attached parasites.
A prerequisite for this is a minimum of variation amuốn hosts in the time from infestation khổng lồ elimination of the parasites.
Such elimination of infestation sources by means of a biological control agent might be more economic than by manual labour.
The study of the biology suggested that infestation might be checked by delaying harvesting until after the larvae hatched.
Infestation-based discrimination ahy vọng seeds is of great potential relevance for the population dynamics of the plants và the insects, as well as the vertebrates, involved.
The result was that the abandoned fields served as permanent foci of infestation throughout the island.
For this reason, reliance on insecticides as the sole means of managing infestations was considered at best a short term solution.
Antibiosis was estimated as the biomass accumulated by each aphid species on each accession during infestation.
These properties define the patch-specific longterm probability of occupancy or, in this case, the probability of an infestation being established & maintained.

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This was explained to lớn the volunteers, và every single one expressed his willingness to lớn submit khổng lồ prolonged infestation with the itch mites.
The snails were characterized và the prevalence of their infestation by schistosomes was investigated.
Three days after the infestation, the number and weight of surviving aphids on each plant were recorded.
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