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In a good way synonym

00:59, 23/03/2021
So, basically what I want is a word for using power in good way. Like opposite for "abusing power". Is there a word for that?

I wanted a good word for this sentence - "The abuse or __ of power results in a collapsing or stable government, respectively". I considered options lượt thích judicious. But nothing seems khổng lồ properly convey the message. The concept of "using something productively" seems very fundamental và I thought a fitting word for that would definitely be present.

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The verb utilize according to Oxford Living Dictionary means

Make practical and effective use of

If we can take “practical và effective as equating to lớn “in a good way,” this might be as close as you get.



There are many ways khổng lồ bởi vì this with an adverb. Helpful, beneficial, efficient, appropriate, etc., all having their subtle contextual differences.

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But the literal antonym is "disabuse."

I tried playing with the verb, "to lớn use," & other prefixes, but nothing sounds right (in fact, most sound awful — "beneuse" or "benuse" ... ack!).


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