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I know, right?

14:59, 25/03/2021

Is the expression "I know right" grammatically correct? I hear it a lot và I think I underst& what it means, but it just sounds wrong khổng lồ me.

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I think what you"re referring to lớn is usually spelled:

I know, right?

There are two parts here. The first, I know, is an ordinary declarative sentence, indicating that the speaker agrees with or supports the other person"s assertion. The following right is a kind of conversational invitation khổng lồ agreement. When you end a sentence with right (using rising question intonation), it indicates that you expect the person you"re talking with to lớn confirm your statement:

They bought a house, right? (Expects the answer yes.)

You"re not going to the store, right? (Expects the answer no.)

This usage of right as a kind of tag-question is colloquial, but not grammatically incorrect. It can be freely used in speech, but should usually be avoided in writing.

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