Hoes là gì

a garden tool with a long handle and a short blade used to lớn remove sầu weeds and break up the surface of the ground

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to remove weeds & break up the surface of the ground, using a garden tool with a long handle and a short blade:
a garden tool with a long handle và a short blade, used to lớn remove weeds (= unwanted plants) and break up the surface of the ground
During hvà hoeing only the top 40+50 milimet of soil was disturbed và the ground was walked over lớn give a -at compacted surface.
The second unsatisfactory feature is the ad hoe introduction of kinetic effects by a mean không lấy phí path approach.
Before 1959, agricultural production in the area depended heavily on hoe cultivation, carried out mainly by women.
The ten-row spatial arrangement allowed the use of the innovative sầu precision hoeing machine, while a conventional hoeing machine was adopted in the standard system.
The hoe-type drill used in the two last seasons alleviated these problems since both seeds and fertilizers were banded in the 5+10 centimet layer.
Average cropped l& per household of around six members ranges between 1.1 and 1.6 ha for hoe cultivators, & 2.3 to lớn 4.3 ha for ox cultivators.

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