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Lego legends of chima

11:45, 20/03/2021

This topic is for an idea i had in regards khổng lồ what type of gameplay Legover of Chima would have sầu if it had another game.

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original topichttp://aaaarrghh.com.ttvpodcast.com/t/what-type-of-game-would-you-want-from-ither-ninjago-legend-of-chima-or-nexo-knights/21932

the chơi Game in question is a strategy game format similar khổng lồ Battle of Middle-Earth, with structures to lớn build to lớn gatter resources và soldiers và heroes khổng lồ hotline upon to fight your foes.

here are some of those ideas, so that you can get a better view on this consept.


CHI gattering structures



Chi temple_Lion.png1911×888 111 KB



Dark Tribe Chi harvester_Scorpion.png1911×888 222 KB



Dark Tribe Chi harvester_Spider.png1911×888 261 KB




Warror Barracks_Crocodile.png1911×888 167 KB

Saber-Tooth Tigers


Ice Hunter barracks_Saber-Tooth Tiger.png1911×888 224 KB

How CHI works

Now how the Chi works in this game is that there are special parts of the maps with pools that are called “Chi Pools”, in order to collect Chi from these locations one would need khổng lồ create a CHI structure lượt thích the Lion Temple on the Chi Pool in order lớn harvest Chi. but the harvest is not a fast one & other players can steal your Chi from ither the temple or from the villagers that come lớn collect the gattered Chi, so its best lớn make sure that these structures are heavly protected.

i should note that the Ice Hunter tribes can’t gatter Chi like the other tribes, instead they must steal it from them, but the Ice Hunters are some of the more powerful tribes one can play as, and thats because of their ice powers. Though that does not make them invinsible against the other tribes if they vày not have fire Chi.

And the reason the Ice Hunters can’t gatter Chi is because they need large amount of Chi in order lớn make more troops, just lượt thích in the tv series.

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And to make a final statement on how Chi works in this game, Chi is used as the main resource in the crafting of: weapons, vehicles, upgrades for soldiers, and you can even give sầu troops Chi orbs that they can use in battle to Chi up, boosting their stats for a limited time.

Info about the tribes

under construction.

List of heroes

Lions-Laval-Lagravis-Leonidas-Lennox-Longtooth-Lavertus (unlocked after completing the Outlvà story)








Scorpion (unlocked after completing the Outland Story)-Scorm-Scolder-Scutter-Sparrmax-Scrug

Spiders (unlocked after completing the Outlvà Story)-Spinlyn-Sparacon-Sparratus-Skitter

Bats (unlocked after completing the Outlvà Story)-Braptor-Blista-Bammo-Blink-Banter

Sabretooth Tigers (unlocked after completing the Fire và Ice Story)-Sir Fangar-Sibress-Stealthor-Strainor-Sykor-Sirox

Mammoths (unlocked after completing the Fire and Ice Story)-Maula-Mungus-Mottrot

Vultures (unlocked after completing the Fire và Ice Story)-Vardy-Voom Voom-Vornon-Vultrix

Phoenix/Cat Guides (unlocked in the Fire & Ice story)-Fluminox-Flinx-Foltrax-Tormak/Panthar-Li’ella-Lundor-Tazar

Nomads (can only be hired from neutral buildings)-Skinnet-Furty-Dom de la Woosh-Reegull


The story of the game follows the tv series, however with some changes to lớn the plot to lớn allow for gameplay.

For example in the story mission based on “Nhái Chi, Real Trouble”, instead of the tribes that uses the “Chigull” to lớn start acting like chickens, they would instead be under Reegull’s control (though still give sầu off the “chicken” sounds) và have sầu a permament Chi up glow lớn them (though the color would be just like the “Chigull”). The only way lớn complete the mission would be lớn collect all of the “Chigulls” that are in the tribes possesion (aka: destroy the different tribe’s Storehouses, where in the “Chigulls” are stored).

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The story mode would be set up in three different stories with two sides lớn play as, & players can play as all of the different tribes in the two story modes, though for the villain tribes in the two later stores, you have to have completed the story in order to lớn play their story mode.

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