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In the Previous Article - DOTA 2 Auto lớn Chess: The Best Hero Class Combos và Tips - I mentioned a few Overpowered Hero-Class Combos but just lượt thích DOTA2, this popular custom bản đồ -- Auto Chess -- changes according khổng lồ the patch.

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Recent Changes và How they Affect the Game

I mentioned Elemental Mage as one of overpowered class, but it has been nerfed. Damage of Razor"s Plasma Field was decreased & there was another nerf in the class-full bộ as well. So Elemental Mage is still not a bad class-bộ combo because of how overpowered it was before the nerf but yes it is not as OPhường as before. You can play it as any other normal combo.

A few of the players complained about the Beast Master"s ax being OPhường. Good news for them -- it is now nerfed. Tiny"s initial HPhường increased. Phantom Assassin và Anti-Mage now have increased armor so don"t complain about elves being too squishy, this is actually a good buff lớn the Elf class.

Troll Warrior"s armor is now decreased by 5. Troll has good attack speed & he already gets a bunch of armor from the Warrior-Class full bộ. He was a little OPhường. but now he is more balanced. Honestly, the nerf was not super needed because troll can be very, very rare at times và sometimes you are just not lucky enough và you play the whole game with one level 1 Troll. Maybe nerfing the armor và making hyên a little more available would be more balanced.

A lot of people complained about TB being broken. I always said that he is a little overpowered but not broken. Positioning matters a lot for TB & even your enemies" positioning can create trouble for your TB. He takes a little time khổng lồ use the metamorphosis & then he needs the space khổng lồ free hit.

So it"s a lot of condition that needs khổng lồ be fulfilled for a TB to work at his full power, which is most of the time nearly impossible. That kind of makes hyên ổn not so viable even though he is a little overpowered. Well, the patch result says TB saw the least number of wins in the recent patches, so now he is buffed a little more with his increased magic resistance.

The Best Hero-Class Combos of the current Patch

#1 Troll-Warlock

After the recent changes, Troll-Warlochồng is smiling again. It was always one of the most overpowered class-bộ combo in the game & it still is. There is no change in that. However, Troll being nerfed with the armor should affect the combo but it doesn"t as long as you have two other Warriors in the team.

Lycan is one of the very good options -- it"s higher level, available later in the game & creates a beast-bộ combo with Venomancer. Spawns two unit which helps you win by a bigger margin. The Warrior Class gives troll the armor he is missing and you"re good to win the game. So yes, maybe modify Troll-Warloông chồng lớn Troll-Warrior-Warloông xã or Warrior-Warlock-Troll và you"re good.

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#2 Mech-Goblin-Assassin

Mech-Goblin-Assassin is a little more advanced than just Goblin-Mech or Goblin-Assassin. Goblin-Mech lacks the burst damage và falls down very quickly after the mid-game but has Assassin covering that area for this Class-Combo. It"s also easier to lớn get Goblin-Assassin & Mechs are available in the early game as well.

You can wait out the last Mech and fill the slot later with Gyrocopter or Techies. Both of them are overpowered with a proper lineup. The line-up has a lot of burst damage, lot of tanks, heal, & a bunch of physical burst damage (Crits). This is a line-up you can start working on from round 1 & keep building on until the 10th slot.

#3 Warlock-Assassin

Warloông chồng provides you a lot of burst damage, detháng power & a lot of life-steal. Having Assassin combined with Warlocks can never go wrong. You can go with a 6 Warloông chồng - 3 Assassin combo or 3 Warloông chồng - 6 Assassin. Both work quite well.

This line-up đơn hàng damage very quickly. Both Physical & Magical damage is dealt very fast, which kind of leaves your enemy clueless. Assassins are naturally good against any line-up, they will jump behind the enemy line và kill the protected one first. They are a good counter khổng lồ Hunters.

If you have sầu items like void stone, pass it lớn your spell casting heroes. They regenerate the mana faster & cast the spell faster than they normally vì. You can either Shadowfiover or Qop. Don"t use them both in the Warlock-Assassin combo, as Demon class only has their power when they are the only Demon on the board.

#4 Warrior-Assassin

I will not say this is a very overpowered Class-Combo but if you"re not getting proper pawns to lớn make the above sầu 3 line-ups then you can go with this. Warrior-Assassin is easily available. Choose your Warriors & Assassins wisely and you can invoke inner-combos lượt thích Elemental with Tiny (Elemental-Warrior) - Morph (Elemental-Assassin), Naga with Slardar (Naga-Warrior) - Slark (Naga-Assassin).

You can go with 6 warrior- 3 assassins or the opposite, both work fine. Make the line-up as you keep getting new pawns, try to lớn connect more and more inner class-combos between the heroes và you should end up in top 3, or even Top 1.

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