Dota auto chess: most popular synergy combos

One of the determinants of a victory in the Aukhổng lồ Chess game is a strong full bộ synergy. With the strong synergy of combos, the player who at the beginning of the game has difficulty & often loses can return the victory in the late game by doing a win streak every round. Then what are the powerful synergy combos in the Auto lớn Chess game? Here’s the list:


Divinity Mage

Since it was first released the Divinity race has been an irreplaceable prima donna. The strength of the race made the other Sinero combos instantly flat. Even though Drovì chưng Studio has been nerfed, the Divinity Mage full bộ power is still troublesome. Especially if added Warlock which now only requires two pieces to activate it.

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The bộ combo of Divinity Mage is lớn take God of War and three mage pieces, namely The Source, Thunder Spirit, and Shining Dragon at the beginning of the game. Players can also take Desperatde Doctor for additional warloông chồng combos in the late game. Furthermore, the Mid trò chơi players bởi vì not need to lớn bother khổng lồ look for other classes, but rather focus on duplicating their mage or warlock pieces. With the combination of two 2-star Thunder Spirits, the damage produced will be very painful & can be repeated with an active race divinity.

In the late game players can tìm kiếm for God of Thunder or perfect their pieces lớn 3 stars. Don’t forget khổng lồ not create synergies for other races other than divinity so that the active sầu synergy combo of divinity is active sầu & gives a 1/2 cooldwon reduction lớn each player piece.


Glacier Knight

Glacier Knight is a powerful synergy bộ combo since the release of Aulớn Chess. The strength of the Knight Class was fairly strong, but they only synergized with fellow class knights. With the Glacier Knight bộ combo, the synergy power of the player will be very svào, both attaông chồng và defense. The weakness of the Glacier Knight combo is finding a pawn piece that is hard to lớn find.

At the beginning of the game players can find pawns from glacier races in advance such as Frost Knight, Desperate Doctor, or Defector. Furthermore, players can search for level 2 or 3 Knight class pieces such as Lightblade Knight, Hell Knight, Evil Knight, & Argail Knight.

Whereas in the late game the emotion player can look for the Berseker & 6 knight combos. The last piece that was sought was the Dragon Knight. After that, the strength of the combination of Glacier Knight will be perfect & the players stay focused lớn improve their pawn stars.


Beast Warrior

The Beast Warrior Combo is a rising synergy bộ combo. Although already getting nerf on the previous update, but apparently this combo is still the top meta today. In addition lớn being easy to lớn use, the beast warrior full bộ will also kill many enemies’ HP.. Enemies who don’t have sầu pieces with CC (crowd control) skills will đại bại against this beast warrior combo.

The initial strategy of the game is to lớn make the beast warrior full bộ as soon as possible. Players can buy pieces lượt thích Tusk Champions, Unicorns, Redaxe Chief, or Swordman. Other pieces can adjust the roll obtained at the beginning of the round. Furthermore, in the mid game, the player just needs to perfect their pieces lớn become 2 stars và while waiting for the roll can be another warrior beast piece.

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In the late game the player must perfect the beast warrior’s synergy bộ combo. The best full bộ is with 6 beasts & 6 warriors. The numbers themselves are Unicorn, Tusk Champions, Redaxe Chief, Swordman, Werewolf, Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Poisonous Worm, Lord of S& and Razorclaw.



Although it is rarely a synergy combo of the players’ first choice, a full assassin combo can be used to confuse the opponent’s combination. Synergy 6 Assassin will produce a large enough damage before other players pawns activate their skills. Combo 6 Assassin is also one of the counter combo mages in the game Auto lớn Chess.

There are 8 assassin pieces in the Auto lớn Chess game và players can take 6 of them. While other pieces can build players according khổng lồ their wishes. Usually the 6 assassin combos are combined with feathered và druid. Druids themselves can contribute 2 feathered and 2 beasts while the assassin has 2 feathered.

With this combination of beast assassin feathered players can easily win early games, mid games và late games. We need to lớn know that with Druid class we can raise our pawn stars into lớn three stars quickly và easily.


Goblin Mech

The last synergy bộ combo that is also reliable when playing Auto lớn Chess is Goblin Mech. The Goblin Mech combo is very powerful in the early game and late game. So the players must be smart lớn use winning streak at the beginning of the game to be converted into lớn a full goblin full bộ, 6 goblins in the late game.

For the beginning of the game players can buy Heaven Bomber, Soul Reaper, Sky Breaker, & Ripper. Four goblins will rise to lớn 2 stars easily in the early game. Furthermore, players can take several warlochồng or assassin pieces to support their combos in the mid game.

In the late game the player must look for Venomancer và Devastator to lớn perfect the Goblin Mech combo. In addition, players must also try lớn raise 4 goblins in the early game khổng lồ be a three star in late games. That way the Goblin Mech full bộ will be perfect and will be very difficult khổng lồ defeat.


Those were the 5 strongest synergy combos in our version of Auto Chess. What is your favorite combination? Or vày you even have sầu your own synergy full bộ that is different from above sầu. However, it should be noted that combo selection must also take into trương mục the synergy combos that other players have sầu. More and more players use the same synergy full bộ. The selection of the pieces will be even more difficult.

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