Attack on Titan: Freedom Awaits

About Us

Hello people, we are an upcoming Attaông chồng on Tirã game, I already have sầu a full team (GUI designer, clothing designer, mesh maker, builder, animator, music producer) but we are lacking a scripter which is why I’m currently looking for one that could help the game progress lớn a further stage.

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This game follows the story line of the anime Attachồng on Tichảy, we will have sầu missions và không tính tiền roam in the future, similar khổng lồ AOT: Downfall & AOT: Revenge.

What we have sầu so far

Test place (Shiganshina)

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.aaaarrghh.com.com/games/aaaarrghh.comGame

Utgard tower from AoT



ODM test


Attachồng on Titan: Freedom Awaits Playtest. | Medal.tv

Attack on Titan: Freedom Awaits Playthử nghiệm. is one of the millions of aaaarrghh.com gameplay clips và videos on Medal. Join today và see more clips.

You can test the game by this links here, right is it is pretty raw as we only have sầu a near completed ODM & a map:



Check out Test . It’s one of the millions of chất lượng, user-generated 3 chiều experiences created on aaaarrghh.com. This is a chạy thử place for the incomplete ODM và Shiganshimãng cầu map.Map made by NooberSaures (owner of AOT:FA)ODM Scripted by...

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About The Job

We are looking for a capable scripter that could help us tackle bugs and help finish/polish up the gear, I would say that it is 1/2 complete. However if you are actually looking to lớn be hired, I will be willing to lớn pay more & offer %. Please, please make sure that you are confident with your skills, I don’t want lớn be rude or anything but if you think you aren’t skilled enough then don’t liên hệ me, thank you.


Paying between 100k-200k robux for you to lớn script the following:-Titans-ODM Gear (half complete)-Ranking SystemMore to lớn come in the future, my main objective sầu is khổng lồ try push out the test phase.

Liên hệ Me

You can liên hệ me through my discord/twitter (preferably discord)Discord - 7th Noober#7777Twitter -

If you sent a friover request through discord please drop a bình luận here along with your discord username please, I have quite a few friover requests on discord so is hard to find who is who.


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