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00:47, 24/03/2021

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Exclusive Blade and Soul Farming/Harvesting/World quái vật farming bot With Radar Haông xã - Updated for BNS aaaarrghh.com has updated the worlds first BNS leveling bot for the new mmorpg Blade and Soul!!! You know our rep & you know our bots. We have simply the best around. Now you can easily go to bed while the bot hunts for you. Never again waste your time with stupid grinding in the game khổng lồ get lớn a level high enough so you can actually enjoy the fun kết thúc game content. So what all does this thing do? Well it all really depends on you. If you like to lớn màn chơi. You just create a protệp tin telling the bot what/how you want to fight. This step takes about 5 mins. Once you are done you setup where you want lớn hunt. This involves creating a area where you limit the bot khổng lồ kill things. When you are done, that is it. You are now ready to start botting.But, lets say you want lớn farm world bosses for their essences? No problem. The BNS Bot will farm the bosses over & over and loot the chests all night long. Sell on the AH & profit! Again all in the background, so you can watch TV, surf the web, etc all while botting.

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Like lớn grind well beyone màn chơi 50? Go for it, the bot will farm for hours on over, tirelessly grinding exps just for you.

Dont want to lớn bot but would lượt thích an advantage with your harvesting game or maybe a little boost versus other mobs? Well just use our amazing radar haông chồng. This radar haông chồng allows you to lớn see everything & everyone, including harvesting nodes! Now you can see everything.

System Requirements 7, 8, và 10 32/64Bit

Compatible Servers Currently US & EU servers are supported!

Detectability Cheông chồng Detection status -- bot only on màn chơi 50+ characters! reports of bans on accounts below cấp độ 50 in low level areas.

Blade & Soul Hunting / Leveling Bot Major Features Memory / Offmix Based Leveling Bot This is a fully created bot from the ground up & was the officially the first Blade and Soul Bot on the market. This is NOT an BNS Pixel Bot. Ability To Bot As Any BNS Class Unlike some bots that just are mix for a specific class you can bot as any class và piông chồng your skills to use. Harvesting, Gathering, Fishing! Yep you can get out that old axe pháo and mine all the Quartz and Springs you want. Yep, harvesting supported. Built In FF14 Radar Haông chồng Full radar overlay. You can change the kích cỡ, options, mobs, etc. Great for finding resource nodes like mines or springs for harvesting. Fast Updates! Tired of getting that bot ready for a long night of botting just to be down because of lazy programmers? Not here, we try khổng lồ keep our bots updated 24/7 Make Money Using The BNS Bot For Gold Farming Run the bot for one week and use it khổng lồ kill mobs, farm dungeons, and make you gold. The bot will pay for itself easily. Or if you want some extra cash use the bot lớn create your own gold selling company. Check out the latest thiết lập tutorial for the BNS Viper Bot yuu from j laan on Vimeo.

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