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Blade & soul game review

10:32, 26/03/2021

Blade & Soul is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat in a martial arts setting. Players are expected to lớn properly time their attacks and chain combos lớn maximize their damage potential. The game also offers lush environments và attractive character designs.

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Publisher: NCsoftPlayerbase: HighType: kích hoạt MMORPGRelease Date: January 19, năm nhâm thìn (NA/EU)PvP: xuất hiện World / Arenas / BattlegroundsPros: +Fluid, action-oriented gameplay. +Well-paced story line. +Beautiful characters & landscapes. +Simple, intuitive interface.Cons: -Slow-paced travel. -Steeper learning curve sầu due lớn combat system.



Blade & Soul Overview

Blade & Soul is a fantasy wuxia MMORPG featuring a range of martial arts classes in a vibrant world. Choose between four races (Gon, Jin, Kun, or Lyn) & 7 martial arts inspired classes. Customize your character khổng lồ stvà out from other players through a wide range of presets and sliders. Explore a world with quality environmental aesthetics, brimming with quests to cấp độ up from 1-55+. Engaging combat demands players chain skills together khổng lồ full bộ opponents into submission, a set of classic MMORPG abilities & arcade fighting games. Master your class & enter the aremãng cầu khổng lồ demo your might in 1v1 or 3v3 combat, where twitch reactions secure victory. Or join a warring faction và attaông xã enemy players in the open world so long as you"re wearing a factional outfit.

Blade và Soul Key Features:

Extensive sầu Customization - choose between four races & seven classes, và customize your character through a range of presets & sliders.Arena PvP. - combat other players in 1v1 or 3v3 combat where players who master their class"s skills walk away victorious.Narrative sầu Driven - avenge the Hongmoon School through a narrative sầu driven story, complete with voice-acted NPC"s and flashy cinematics.Engaging Combat - chain skills together lớn activate combos and decimate opponents with precision.Cosmetic Collection - expvà your wardrobe with a huge selection of flashy costumes to decimate foes in style.

Blade và Soul Screenshots






Blade và Soul Classes & Races


Gon - Descendants from an ancient Long, the Gon are a tall, powerful race with massive sầu bodies. Class options include Kung Fu Master and Destroyer.Jin - The most human-like race, the Jin represent knowledge & endeavor. Born of the blaông xã tortoise spirit, they are the most versatile race. Available classes include Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, and Assassin.Kun - The Kun emtoàn thân the beauty & elegence of the Phoenix. They are a female-only race that value art và music. Class options include Blade Master và Force Master.Lyn - A mouse like race with large ears và tails. The Lyn have a link to the spirit world due to their connection with the Kylin. Available classes include Blade Master, Force Master, & Summoner.


Assassin - Available only to the Jin, Assassins mainly use short swords or daggers. They are also well-versed in the use of explosives & traps.Blade Master - Available to the Jin and Kun races, Blade Masters specialize in the use of swords. Capable of both melee & ranged strikes with their blades, Blade Masters prefer to lớn parry và counterattaông chồng their foes, rather than exchange blows head-on.Destroyer - Only the powerful Gon have sầu the physical strength khổng lồ wield the large axe cộ of a Destroyer. They possess high defense which makes them natural tanks in group situations. Destroyers also have sầu multiple splash attacks, allowing them to take on several opponents at once.Force Master - The primary casters of Blade & Soul. The Force Master class is available to lớn the Kun & Lyn races. Their ability to lớn attaông xã from a distance is balanced with their naturally low defense & health.Sword Master - Similar lớn the Blade Master, this class is only available to the nimble Lyn. Sword Masters have sầu lower health & defense, but higher evasion. Sword Masters are well-rounded và can take on a variety of roles. Their large selection of area of effect (AoE) skills and ease of use make them igiảm giá khuyến mãi for beginners.Kung Fu Master - Gon và Jin players who choose this class rely on their fists & feet in combat. This monk-lượt thích class offers many full bộ possibilities which makes them rewarding, but more difficult khổng lồ play.Summoner - Only available to lớn the Lyn, Summoners are a versatile class due to their ability lớn summon a variety spirits lớn their aid. Combining their own ranged attacks with the attacks of their companions, Summoners are capable of fighting alone or with groups.

Full Review

Blade & Soul Review

By Sean Sullivan

Three years after its Korean release, NCSoft’s Blade và Soul is finally gracing both North America and Europe. The game known for combining martial arts inspired combat and voluptuous vixens enters an MMORPG aremãng cầu overflowing with choice. I’ve sầu long wondered whether the delayed release would sentence Blade & Soul to purgatory, unable to lớn compete with established titles such as TERA & Wildstar. But after playing I’m confident Blade và Soul will become the go-lớn MMORPG for countless players.

Donatello"s Character Creation

Blade và Soul’s titillating characters sell Tumblr posts for a good reason: they’re lustrous and spread across the gamut of possibility. Start by choosing between one of four races: the beefy Gon, lolita Lyn, amazonian Yun, or the human Jin. Races are limited lớn three classes each, some of which overlap (e.g. only Jin can play Assassin’s but both Jin and Yun can choose Blade Master). Character creation consists of a wide range of presets that are refined through sliders. To my surprise you’re not confined to a predetermined aesthetic, à la Blaông chồng Desert Online. Instead, as with Perfect World International, crafting a character lớn turn onlookers to lớn stone is entirely possible. Or, follow the crowd and create a Victoria’s Secret mã sản phẩm.

I have to lớn note that every time you change a hairstyle your chest pulsates lượt thích Kuato lớn from Total Ređiện thoại tư vấn is trying lớn tell you a secret—as if my character’s breasts were having a seizure from each haircut.

Characters aren’t perfect. By mặc định Blade & Soul figurines have sầu peculiar anatomies. I like Hyung-Tae Kim’s artwork, but something was added in the translation to lớn the game’s character models. Some races are noticeably elongated as if characters were stretched on Emperor Nero’s torture raông xã. It’s personal taste, but I found it disconcerting. The models didn’t stop me from enjoying the game; it added khổng lồ my immersion when I met player’s who pushed the character creator to its extremes.

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For my first playthrough I opted to lớn create a sultry Assassin—realistic proportions.

Translated Narrative sầu

Dropped into the ocean where The Old Man And The Sea is bewildered, players start the game through a series of flashbacks. Treachery has descended on the Hongmoon School & it’s up lớn the player khổng lồ travel the world seeking vengeance. I’m not one for MMORPG stories but Blade và Soul presents narrative sầu through flashy cutscenes inseparable from commonplace anime sequences. I appreciate the effort.

Numerous NPC’s are voice-acted, but in many instances they fall flat. I worry I wasn’t captivated because the acting was like an early Saturday Morning cartoon—I’m a snob that can’t watch dubs. An option to play with original voice actors would be a welcome addition.Not every NPC is voice-acted either. And the ones that are seem random. It’s not just recurring characters that speak, but some fish monger who needs you khổng lồ slay wrathful hermit crabs, while his neighbor can only mime requests. It’s a bit odd & I can imagine that casting actors for non-important NPC’s drained a lot of time porting the game.

John Woo Combat

What’s most important in any MMORPG is the welling in your viscera as you slice random boars in two. Blade & Soul’s combat is a smooth chaining of ornate animations. Each fight feels lượt thích a choreographed scene from a John Woo film.

Skills are bound 1-4, Z-V, & the mouse buttons. Your hvà is isolated khổng lồ one area on the keyboard, bringing gameplay in-line with TERA và other action MMORPGs. It plays lượt thích Street Fighter and an RPG were thrown inkhổng lồ a blender. Chaining skills properly procs new skills (bound to lớn F and Tab) that can be employed tactically to lớn maximize damage. As an assassin I could lay down a mine, swap places with my victlặng, detonate the mine, shadowstep, stun, and knock out Disgruntled Kung-Fu Masters.

The system is engaging, keeping players on their toes as they chain attacks. You don’t necessarily move as you strike (at least as an Assassin), but you use abilities khổng lồ counter and circumvent enemies. Knowing that an axe pháo is phối to lớn clash with my face I activate parry & stuchồng a knife between the enemy’s spine. When I eat an attack it doesn’t feel undeserved. There’s some movie I should have employed to minimize damage.

Korean Grind

Leveling is a superfluous grind. But the repetition isn’t a 9-5 job (as with Devilian). It"s broken between open world PvP., storyline anime sequences, thành quả roulette, & dungeon crawling. There are enough systems in place, even at lower levels, to break the monotony. You can spkết thúc time killing a world boss for a chance to lớn spin the Wheel of Fate—fingers crossed for a risqué outfit—or nâng cấp your weapon by feeding it junk items.

But leveling is themepark style questing, moving from one Epcot station lớn the next—killing, retrieving, và exploring; a largely single-player experience. The world is a series of linear paths interconnected by warp portals. While aesthetically distinct, and visually impressive, many elements feel recycled. Every cave-crawl quest sends you down the same dusky path. Every village asks you khổng lồ perkhung the same menial tasks. Zones are confined khổng lồ a theme—forests, deserts, villages crawling with peasants—until a bottleneck squeezes you inlớn the next quest area. But dungeon crawling with friends makes the grind tolerable.

Blade & Soul’s buổi tiệc ngọt play is largely three DPS classes tackling a mob, but that doesn’t mean spamming is viable. Group content is refreshing. It throws away the formulaic holy trinity, & forces tactical communication. Without dedicated healers và obvious tanks, players are responsible for themselves & reliant on each other. In many cases a stun or knockdown must be applied twice in quichồng succession. While some combos won’t proc without groupmates activating their own skills, forcing an interdependent dynamic. Since you’re rotating crowd control & optimizing combos VOIP.. is indispensable.

I wasn’t bored leveling. It’s not an Eastern grind like Tree of Savior. Combat quenches your thirst, & a deep sense of paranoia kept me on the lookout for enemy players.

World Arena

Not since World of Warcraft have sầu I been so happy with world PvP.. Players wear outfits belonging to lớn opposing factions & turn NPC outposts inkhổng lồ Battle Royale. Upon respawn you can choose to disthẻ your outfit to exit PvP but why would you? It’s a fantastic means of bridging the gap between PvE & PvP.. players, placing them in the same world. Conceptually, the mechanic could be a simple flag. But outfits create a turf war where players wear a bandana lớn represent Grove Street.

And then there’s Aremãng cầu PvP.., a complex brawl that’s as entertaining lớn watch as it is khổng lồ participate. I suspect Blade và Soul’s twitch combat focused on outsmarting opponents will draw even non-MMO players to streaming channels. Ranking systems match players together of equal weight, và weapon’s don"t matter in the aremãng cầu. Whether you use a broken stichồng or Sun Tzu’s blade you deal the same damage. It balances PvP (to an extent) và emphasizes player skill over gear.

Masked Enviornments

The game looks fantastic. Maxed settings rival big dog MMORPG heavy-hitters. Perhaps Blade và Soul’s not in-line with the coming generation of aaaarrghh.com, but polished enough to compete—in part due lớn the self-aware anime aesthetic.

It’s presentation is not without flaws. Your character’s feet never reach the floor; maybe bỏ ra keeps your shoes afloat? And the user interface, by default, detracts from the environment. Resizing every element from the menu calmed my nerves, but I preferred to play with the UI turned off when possible, by pressing Ctrl + X.

Cash Shop Shenanigans

Blade và Soul is packaged with a hefty cash siêu thị, dependent on NCsoft’s cross-game currency NCoin và in-game earned points. It includes the expected spectrum, from sybaritic costumes to lớn experience boosters và crafting materials. But I wanted VIPhường status. I decided lớn buy $đôi mươi worth of NCoin, 1600 coins to activate premium membership for 30 days. Even though 30 days costs 900 NCoin, pricing jumps from 800 NCoin for $10 khổng lồ 1600 NCoin for $20—thanks NCSoft.

But premium membership doesn’t include the range of available perks. Many still have lớn be earned. Blade và Soul has 10 premium membership ranks. Rank 1 applies immediately upon purchase, & players earn subsequent ranks by accumulating premium points, spending both NCoin & Hongmoon Coin. Higher ranks increase bonuses, such as reducing recovery upon death from đôi mươi seconds to 15 seconds at rank 9.

Earned bonuses are not game-breaking & focus on convenience and spectacle, such as additional gold earnings from combat and “class-specific dazzling windwalk.” It’s not a system I endorse. If I pay for a premium subscription I want premium perks, or at least the option to lớn purchase the full set. It’s my hope Blade & Soul is not setting a new precedent, & seems designed khổng lồ motivate heavy spenders when whales are on the fence about clicking the buy button.

NCSoft has been sure to lớn inconvenience free-to-players to lớn motivate casual purchases. I loathe commodified bag space, và thanks to lớn some items non-stacking I spent too much time salvaging to lớn không lấy phí up space. You can unloông xã slots by selling gold và participating in events, but it doesn’t excuse limited bag space that typically overflow with items; I consider it a scummy tactic. In addition there are scrolls that require keys khổng lồ be unlocked, most conveniently purchased from the cash cửa hàng.

The Foundation Is Brittle

Blade và Soul suffers from Founder’s Packs antics. The Founders Packs start at $24.99 for the basic Initiate package and rise the charts lớn $124.99. The highest package includes many of the necessities you would expect to find in a pay-to-play MMO such as additional character slots, bag space, và the quality of life enhancing Premium Service. While you get a fairly good giảm giá khuyến mãi for the money in comparison, the $124.99 founders paông chồng suffers from a problem that most packs don"t have. The exclusive sầu skins, outfits, bagspace and amenities you receive only apply to lớn a single character on the trương mục, diminishing its value. You’re spending $124.99 one avatar, not the tài khoản. If you want khổng lồ reroll you’re screwed.

Final Verdict - Good

Blade và Soul is the definitive martial arts MMORPG for a Western audience. It’s long overdue. A vibrant anime-aesthetic, hypnotic combat, aremãng cầu PvPhường., và buxom warriors culminate in an addictive playthrough. While Blade & Soul isn’t immune from cash siêu thị shenanigans, blasé leveling, and unnerving Founder"s Packs my enjoyment wasn"t hindered. If you’re looking for engaging combat with Eastern flare piông chồng up Blade & Soul và you may find the MMORPG that"s been long overdue.


Blade & Soul Screenshots


Blade và Soul Videos


Blade & Soul Links

Blade and Soul Official SiteBlade & Soul Gamepedia (Database / Guides)Blade và Soul SubredditBlade và Soul Wikipedia Page

System Requirements

Blade và Soul System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XPCPU: Intel Vi xử lý Core 2 DUo E6600 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Chip Core 4600+Video Card: GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4650RAM: 2 GBHard Disk Space: 15GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8CPU: Intel Chip Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805 or betterVideo Card: GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or betterRAM: 4 GBHard Disk Space: 15GB

Additional Info

Blade và Soul Additional Information

Developer: NCSoft (Team Bloodlust)Executive Producer: James BaeArt Director: Hyung-Tae KimComposer: Taro Iwashiro

Foreign Release:

Korea: June 30, 2012 (Published by NCSoft)China: November 28, 2013 (Published by Tencent)Japan: May 20, 2014Taiwan: November 20, 2014Russia: TBA

English Beta Testing Schedule:

Weekkết thúc 1: Oct 30–Nov 2 Weekend 2: Nov 13–16 Weekover 3: Nov 24–30 Weekkết thúc 4: Dec 11–14 Weekover 5: Dec 18–21

Release Date: January 19, 2016

Development History / Background:

Blade và Soul was developed by Team Bloodmenu, a development division of Korean game publishing and development company NCSoft. The game originally launched in Korea on June 30, 2012. An English version of Blade và Soul was discussed in 2013, but wasn"t officially announced until May trăng tròn, 2015. Five sầu Beta weekends were announced, beginning on October 30, 2015, with the last Beta weekover concluding on December 21, 2015. Blade & Soul officially released lớn North American & European players on January 19, 2016.

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A prequel game was announced on July 11, năm 2016, titled Blade và Soul: Hongmoon Rising. The game is co-developed between Tencent Games and NCSoft, và will follow the story of the Hongmoon Clan và its rise to power.

Blade and Soul News

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