Blade and soul needs a gun/gunner class


Blade và Soul will become a bit less blade-driven next year, with the release of a new Gunslinger class that may or may not be known as the Soul Gunner. While not much is known as of yet, the new class will be wield dual pistols & be released next year alongside an update that raises the level cap to 60, adds a new continent known as "Surak," introduces new skills for several classes, & more. You can find a teaser trailer for the update embedded below.

Steparu is also reporting that the Korean version of the game will be going free-to-play. They did not provide a date, but 2p is reporting that the move sầu to free-to-play will occur on December 14th. The Korean version of the game previously required players to pay a subscription of $30 per month after hitting cấp độ 16. It is not yet known whether an optional subscription will be available, as is currently offered in the NA/EU version of the game.

Thanks lớn Colin for the tip!

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