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Macros and scripts for blade & soul

08:24, 26/03/2021

So , Today some funny BM told me something funny in pm chat during battleground ; As I called that BM " Your Class gave me cancer" that lovely BM

Will BnS Destroyer going to be at bottom?

So , Today some funny BM told me something funny in pm chat during battleground ; As I called that BM " Your Class gave me cancer" that lovely BM answered me with this words " If your Class required skills I would take that as offensive words"

Note: Next words is for troll and you know that.

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But lớn be honest yes my Class (Destroyer) require no skills at all in pvp or pve, Yes my stupid " Over powered " classes require brain dead person without a noobie who can spintowin in pvp and pve sầu till he win :D

Yes my class is so over powered , That it almost troll every class in either battleground or 1v1 or 3v3, my class able lớn solo almost any dung and troll every mob because the developer managed lớn gave sầu "Bosses" a true sight that works for seconds only during phase which can be easily avoided with my many Iframes,All of that can be done with Hide skills only and amazing Iframe on every offensive/defensive sầu skill I got, Not lượt thích the stupid assissan ofcourse who can't solo any dung and have only 12/24 CD on their only two Iframes.

Beside that,My class almost the most high wanted class ahy vọng all in every dung, Like how you even manage khổng lồ bypass Sogun or Masts dung without using my amazing Projectile protection that I provide for all buổi tiệc nhỏ not lượt thích the dumb classes like Assissan, Summoner, FM.


And ofcourse we won't forget how my "Op" Classes that got amazing heal skills that needed in every dung that help alot of buổi tiệc nhỏ members if they about khổng lồ die, not lượt thích the shit Summoner or SF who is useless và got no heal skills.

And let's not forget how I able lớn IFrame every red high damage/effect area that bosses attaông chồng with , Like did you ever saw any Destroyer have sầu any problem with yeti ice phase or Nexus Earthquake, We really blessed by game developer khổng lồ gave sầu us many Iframe with short CD not lượt thích other classes who fight hard lớn avoid all of this attacks.

trò chơi Developer love sầu destroyers so much, That they even gave sầu them a 5 second immune with 30 Second CD which is really amazing in both pve & pvp like imagine BM, Summoner,SF, BD, ,Warloông xã having this immune that would be so funny.

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But what I vì really love how they provied us with the best skills kiến thiết ever, Like Imagine a class lượt thích ours having their Knee Daze, Grab & their high dps extend skill from RMG on same hotkey F , Pff that would be so funny or imagine if we were cursed lượt thích all other classes and either have to lớn piông xã a short CD Knockdown or 30 second Daze pull of same skill tree & not have them spread xD or if our emberstomp only work on ground so if we got knockedup and skill effect removed some KFM can rekt us x'D so funny man.

Or even it would be more funny that if our "Overpowerd" Classes didn't have sầu that high dps on our skills or imagine if we didn't have our amazing new fire build that make tons of dps or our amazing fire/ice build that make tons of dps from ranged or our amazing flower ranged skill or our amazing dark skills ranged skills or our đưa ra boast skills, Like we always on the top danh sách of dps not lượt thích other classes who got some stupid called " Fury" that can't bởi vì shit and keep their dps so low beside us, Like imagine that we can 100-0 any class in 1v1 if we got the right cc combine while they need either to pick a fury skill to lớn be able lớn 100-0 us or either they got for blue buff as their second escape with 1 min cooldown xD, Like Imagine if FM got 2 escape with 30 second for both escapes lượt thích us we would be so rekted up xD

And ofcourse since we are op in everything we must be op at support, Like we are the only class that provide immune,heal, Projectile protection, Fighting spirit, Dark skills effect that last for 15 second và tank ofcourse not lượt thích other classes that is useless.

Or even imagine that stupid little Blade dance having our amazing grab that require no cc and their stupid badge that gave sầu them 2 second extend on their grab was exchanged for our amazing badge that reset our grab Cooldown.

And that how I did laugh lớn that person who told me that my class " Require no skills " , Like my class at bottom now and I need lớn push myself to lớn limit lớn do my best at dung, Battleground & pvp

Like you won't see a destroyer troll 3 people at battleground by himself, Assissan vị troll due lớn hide, FM troll due to freeze and heal, Summoner troll due to lớn cát và heal ,SF troll due to many Iframe, BM troll due to lớn bloông xã, Iframe on their offensive skill, Many Iframe, Immune, BD due to grab with frontal block now và immune, và danh mục goes on.

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so please before you say Destroyer require no skills or judge depend on that stupid start system when you create,Play it yourself first.

Edited : Bonus Questions, +1 for every question :

Why destroyer Red spin Iframe is almost the only Broken Iframe ingame ? Why Body switch of assissan or any drag skill can just break it sometime ? +2

Why Destroyer is limited to lớn old fashion style of berserk ? Berserk = AP and Crit but 0 defense , No immune against Grabs or Knockdown, Who the hell did thiết kế this crap ? Why we can't have the set between Fury and xanh buff like any Berserk in any other game ? E.g= Great weapon fighter in "Neverwinter" Have access to lớn their "Fury/Blue buff " mood=immune to every effect in game, Hugh dps boost, Hugh crit boost, Huge HPhường. Boost , Hugh Defense Boost và yes it worked as escape from CC as well, I believe in every game I believe The Berserk had phối of Blue buff/Fury that we got spread here. +3

Why Destroyer isn't tanker nor Dps nor a phối between both? E.g Great weapon fighter of "Neverwinter", Warrior almost in every game was the semi class of both tank and dps.+1

Why Destroyer is the slowed class ever in this game ? Every class semi like having a better time at moving faster hell even the only game that I saw people go in hide và move faster lượt thích hell o,o +1

Why Destroyer the only class that has only 1 disable Charge effect that last only 4 second ? While other classes got tons of disable charge effects and last for 10 second even

Why Destroyer all charge skills are easy khổng lồ see and avoid skills ? why destroyer only 1 charge skill that has "Depkết thúc on range" Iframe while other classes got 2 long Iframe charge skills ?+2

Why Destroyer is limit only khổng lồ 30 second KD at main skill while either force lớn daze or short CD Kd as I did mention early ? Like did you ever saw destroyer pin you down lớn ground like BD or BM or Summoner Cat or Assassin bởi vì ?+2

Why FM have sầu high dps that able khổng lồ make destroyer use both of their escape that one is 30 second và other is 1 min while on other hand Destroyer have hard time to lớn make good dps or make cc over FM khổng lồ make them tab their two 30 second Escape beside their ofcourse Freeze stun from grabs shit?+1

Why Destroyer skills almost limited to ground, like Emberstomp effect is lost once you use it cause KFM/BM/BD/etc can spam you in knockup then all of sudden get cc even after you landed on emberstomp again cause you didn't catch the effect ? +1

May I ask where is the special skill that destroyer have sầu lớn gave them edge or time khổng lồ recover ? Like Assissan got Web,Freeze bomb & hide, FM got their heal shield. Ice bomb và Ice air full bộ, BD got immune that provide healing,etc while destroyer limited only to lớn their V shield that can be broken even if you got HM V you will get broken by knockdown. +1

Why it easy for every class lớn regain focus while we vày nothing except waste it ? Why every class got many ways to go around Blocking or Parry effect while we only able khổng lồ manage to break parry skills but only every 30 second to lớn break a damn block ?Why FM/KFM got block/counter that can't be broken cause I can't just aim on them during their using while they easily can break my parry ? +3

Why most of destroyers skills are bugged ? You grab & can't use emberstomp cause bug & blue/red spin is bugged +1

Why Warlock/FM/Summoner got a high shit dps that can kill me from range without have a chance lớn cc or vày about the same damage ? Like They are ranged and I'm the big dude warrior class that suppose to lớn be tanking them và vì little damage at least lượt thích other games kiến thiết this berserk thing, In any game Ranged class = Good dps that is useless against Warrior/Berserk Classes due lớn their high hp và dps not like here where summoner/warlock/FM can easily wash you from ground cause high dps+1

Why most of Skill point are wasted into lớn useless stuff và many good stuff require tons of Skill point ? Why our 30 second unconscious effect require 3 skill point on skill that easy lớn counter while BD can easily vì it in faster way and require no skill point ? +2

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